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Contract Plastic Pallet Washing Service

We employed a fully automated pallet washing machine for plastic pallet washing service.

Contract Packing

Hilltechs we provide co-packing services in allowing our customer to focus on the main driver for business – SALES. By offering our expertise and resources on co-packing services, the customer does not need to scale up to an industrial setting, letting to have the time to focus on marketing and growing their brand. We deliver cost effective packing solutions with SAFETY and STABILITY in mind for customer changing demands.

Equipment Rental Service

Our aim of having this Rental Business is specially designed for companies who wish to utilize the functions of a semi-automatic packing equipment yet at the same time avoiding the costs of owning and repairing equipment. This help the customer to have more control on cash flow and provide the option to test out the equipment to see if its fits the business needs.