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Goldpack Classical Palletiser Pal 1100

A palletiser or palletizer is a machine which provides automatic means for stacking cases of goods or products onto pallets.

Palletizer can be built to handle different kind of goods from Bag, Bottles, Carton Boxes etc. Depending upon the palletizer, many different technologies could be employed to form the perfect pallet and ancillary equipments like Pallet Dispenser, Slipsheet dispenser, Pallet conveyors and Stretch Wrapper can be incorporated together with the palletizer to form a complete turnkey  solution for the application.

With superior design and world-class manufacturing standards, Goldpack equipment delivers years of low maintenance, trouble-free performance, while providing the flexibility to adapt to changing load configuration demands. All othe palletisers are made from high-quality materials and built-in parts that ensure long life span of machines. In addition, every single product is in compliance with highest standards demanded world-wide. Furthermore, palletisers, produced by Goldpack are energy efficient and user friendly.Last but not least, we are not only offering standard palletising systems solutions, but also tailor made palletiser solutions that will satisfy all needs of customers.

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