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Anti-slip Adhensive and Paper sheet are used to prevent slippage of products on pallets during transportation or usage in warehouses. Anti-slip Paper Sheet uses frictions between surfaces in order to reduce movement of the palletizing good during handling and transportation.

While Anti-slip Adhesive uses water soluble adhesive which are applied to the pallet loads before palletizing. The Adhesives are specially designed to have a surface bond which creates high shear strength (to prevent side to side movement, increasing stability) while having low tensile strength (for easy peeling by lifting) and , leaving no visible or sticky residue on the surface where the glue is applied. The pallet loads may be PE bags, paper bags, cartons, cellophane-packed items, PP woven bags or small packages.

  • 1 / 2 Anti Slip paper

  • 2 / 2 Grip fix