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Case erector pulls out a flat carton from a storage using its vacuum cups and prepares it to the process of forming. The cartons will be then opens up using its jigs mechanism actions. A prepared box is closed on it bottom with its flaps folded and sealed with tape or hot melt glue seal.
The carton is ready to manual or automatic loading of products.

  • RPK-09-Automatic-Carton-Erector-with-Bottom-Sealer

  • RPK-03H High Speed Case Erector


Case Sealers are designed to meet assist packaging requirements in assisting productivity and have improved sealing consistancy as compared to hand taping. Case sealing machines can seal top and/or bottom side of cartons with tape. Our case sealers are designed for a variety of different needs: uniform or random case sizes, narrow or wide tape, top and bottom sealing, side sealing, automatic flap folding. Semi Automatic Case sealers may be used as a individual packaging station or as part of a part of packaging line. Contact us with your requirement, we will recommend a model suitable for your needs.

Due to the modular design of the case erector and case sealer, it offers flexibility to the user forming, handling, packing and sealer section of their packaging line by offering custimization for speed, product flow and offering quick changeovers for different product sizes and requirement

By combining the Case erector and case sealer, it can reduce the number of manpower requirement for the end of line packing. it is a great solution to the end of line efficiency and productivity.

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