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Stretch Hood films are heavy duty film that have a high degree of elasticity and memory retention allowing the film to be stretched over a pallet load in order to secure the content on the pallet. It is made from a continuous roll of gusseted film, where the stretch hood machine will cut to it’s required and seal the top end of the film before applying. The stretch hood machine will then stretch the (stretch) hood larger than the pallet load and draw downwards, unrolling as it goes to apply. It then release back tightly when released to give a high holding force.

Stetch Hood provides:

1- Weather protection: Five Side protection from Rain and UV protection on the film

2- Puncture resistance due to stretch hood stretch ability and reduce risk of pilferage due to difficult in re-application film undetected.

3- Display properties: Film Clarity on a single film instead of layers of film on stretch wrapping allow easy identification as well as brand marketing