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Stretch wrapping machine AOP 161 TWIST is equipped with automatic system for film capturing and cutting. It is designed to handle unstable load and loads that are too heavy for turntable operations.

The AOP161 twist stretch wrapping machine is capable of producing a wrapping capacity up to 50 pallets per hours with a power pre stretch system of 200% on the film. The AOP161 TWIST is designed to handle load pallet size up to 1200 x 1000 mm with a load height of 2300mm with a maximum load weight depending on the conveying system. Fitted with Automatic height detection, it is able to automatically vary its Wrapping height without the interference from the operator. Build In with Siemens S7 PLC, it is able to program 10 different program for difference load types or wrapping pattern. Coupled with Inverter controls, the rotating arm speed, Roll carriage and film dispensing speed are all adjustable. To further enhance the load protection, it can be fitted together with Automatic Carton Edge Protector Insertion mechanism or Automatic Top Sheet Dispenser for weatherability.

Stretch wrapping machine AOP 161 TWIST is equipped with automatic system for film capturing and cutting. System operation supervision on control cabinet with “Touch screen” display with system for error indication.


Peak Production Speed up to 50 loads/hr

Maximum Load Size 1200 x 1000 mm

Maximum Load Height 2300 mm

Soft start/stop with frequency inverter

Automatic load height detection

Regulation of rotation speed with frequency inverter

PLC Siemens S7

Touch panel

10 additional programms

Signal lamp

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