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Stretch Film is a highly stretchable plastic film, commonly made of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), that are used to wrap around the products on the pallets for securing each other together. The film uses its elastic recovery in order to keep the items tightly bound. Functions of Stetch wrapping are to provide dust and moisture protect, tamper resistance and improved the stability of the product forming a unit load. Common stretch films are hand stretch film and machine stretch film.



The NANO FILM benefits:

1- Nano stretch film is thin but it is durable and has a good grip for pallet load stability

2- High resilient toward film puncture and tearing, reducing damages due to film containment force loss.

3- Higher stretchability reducing the material use per pallet load, REDUCE PLASTIC MATERIAL USAGE

4 Compatible to high-speed wrapping machine with lesser breakage, REDUCE PLASTIC WASTE GENERATION


Nano Stretch film is a newly developed multi layered stretch film used to wrap Pallets and secure the product inside. Nano stretch film is developed with nanotechnology cast line which produce super “thin” guage films and are individually stacked strategically to achieve this super thin yet highly resilient film against puncture and tearing. On conventional film, once the film is punctured, it usually will lead to film tearing around the perforation point. The film will lose the containment force once tearing occurs.

Firstly, the NANO FILM, the pallet containment force generated by the film is not compromise while having improved resistance toward puncture. And if the NANO FILM is punctured, it inherits tear resistance will arrest the film from tearing open thereby maintaining it containment force. This improvement in turn reduced the number of rejected goods due to damages while in transit, and reduce the amount of rejects from the customer thereby saving on the cost incurred in relation to the exchange program.

Second, When the NANO FILM is used on a high-speed wrapping machine, the probability of the film snapping due to incompatibility of the film and machine is reduced. Film and machine Incompatibility often result in more wastage in both material, time and manpower to rework on the pallet affecting the operation cost. By using a compatible film, operation downtime and film material wastage will be reduced.

In addition, the NANO FILM can be stretch up to 400%, meaning a 1 meter of film can be stretch to a length of 5 METERS as compared to conventional film which are normally in 150% to 200% stretchability. This in returns provides a REDUCTION OF STRETCH FILM MATERIAL USAGE.

By just switching to NANO FILM, which is a better plastic film, one can already take the first step toward the REDUCE PACKAGING INITIATIVE by REDUCING CONSUMPTION and REDUCING WASTAGE. Thereby pushing the corporate directive toward a more SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING WASTE MANAGEMENT by REDUCTION of packaging waste generated.


If you want to know which type of nano-stretch film is the best for your wrapping requirements, get in touch with us. Our professional and friendly staff will be pleased to provide you with all the information you need.