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Features & Benefits:

1- Compact device with conventional plugs for easy location change

2- High speed production of 60 feet (18m) per minute.

3- Variable controls for air filling and operation speed

4- Eco-Friendly – Air bags comply with the RoHS standard and it is also Reusable, Reduce-able and Recyclable.

5- No loss of cushion after start/stop

6- Quickly refilled: Easily change film roll

7- Ergonomic design –can be operated by an optional pedal, it is easy and ideal to integrate at different packing line.

8- User-Friendly – Simple and Self-explanatory controls, Only One minute training is needed.


An inflated air bags is a bag of plastic that can be inflated to provide cushioning. Air cushions are perfectly suited for quickly and economically filling empty space. Equipped with this protective packaging, the products are fixed in the package and cannot move around. This air cushion type is, for example, an ideal solution for pre-packaged products or articles with little or no danger of breaking.