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Dunnage bags, also known as airbags, air cushions, and inflatable bags, are used to secure and stabilize cargo. As improperly secured cargo is a safety hazard, dunnage bags improve road safety, Dunnage bags provide convenient and cost-effective cargo stabilization in ISO sea containers, closed railcars, trucks, and oceangoing vessels.

Dunnage Air Bags, are fitted into the void spaces of a shipment and inflate rapidly with compressed air, and are easy to install. It is flexible, reusable and easy to implement into both cargoes on pallet load and loose load type. With this, the bags cushion and protect your cargo from sliding, falling, or tilting. Because they are filled with air, they also have a shock absorbing function to the forces encountered during transportation. Dunnage Air bags protect cargoes effectively during most types of transportation via filling voids, bracing cargoes, absorbing vibration, avoiding cargoes sliding & impacts.

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